Though he's beloved by millions of moviegoers, Will Smith ticked off a number of Manhattan residents this week by parking his 1,150-square-foot, double-decker trailer right on the street.

According to the NY Post, SoHo residents and business owners were annoyed that the trailer, which costs $9,000 to rent each week and contains, among other things, marble floors and a 100-inch movie screen, was taking up so much space. In fact, complaints were so rampant, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg ultimately had to step in.

"To balance the interests of the production and the neighborhood, we have instructed 'Men in Black III' to relocate the trailer to a private lot," said the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting in a statement.

"Why you need a trailer that big -- I didn't know trailers came that big," Bloomberg said Wednesday at a question-and-answer session. "If lots of people showed up with 'em, we'd certainly have to do something."

Smith's 53-foot-long trailer is now parked at a 'Park Fast' lot half a mile away from the set of 'Men in Black III.'

Check out a video of the epic trailer, courtesy of the Associated Press.

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