Even during years when the NFL isn't employing replacement referees, you'll hear an occasional shout questioning the vision of those officiating the game. Now one Wisconsin eye doctor is offering real help for the problem fans have diagnosed referees with for years.

After the officiating debacle in the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, Doctor Gerald Clarke of Optivision Eye Care and LASIK Center is offering his talents to the referees in the game. He has placed an offer of free LASIK surgery on the table specifically for the referee who made the questionable call at the end of the game that, according to most fans, cost the Packers the game.

Dr. Clarke explains how his offering would be a legitimate benefit to the referee, telling WBAY TV the following:

It would solve his nearsightedness, that's for sure. He could finally see beyond his arm, which is what he needs to see, something beyond his own three feet in front of him, because he's pretty much nearsighted from that standpoint.

The eye care center reportedly has not officially contacted the NFL or the referee yet with his offer. Tied to this offer, the Burnham Richards Advertising Agency seems very interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to market the eye business based on this offer. They plan on putting Wisconsin Vision billboards in Green Bay and Milwaukee promising free eye exams for any referees who worked in Monday night's game.

Here is the billboard WBAY TV acquired from Burnham Richards: