This is a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing: a Wisconsin family is gaining national attention for saving a bear that was in need over the weekend.

It all went down on Saturday (June 27th). A family was out on a lake when they spotted a bear in the distance, struggling with a plastic bucket on its head. They spotted the animal and attempted to get close to it in order to help release its head from the bucket. After a few attempts, they were able to successfully free the bear of the bucket and save it.

It was all caught on tape and has since gone viral, making headlines locally and nationally. One of the family members on the boat, Tricia Hurt, wrote the following about the experience:

Never dreamt we would ever do this in our life time. Out on Marshmiller Lake yesterday with Brian Hurt and Brady Hurt when we spotted this poor bear. He made it to shore after all that.

Wow! It truly is amazing that they were able to spot the bear and save it. Who knows what would have happened if they didn't see the bear in the first place. You can watch the video below, which was originally posted on Tricia's Facebook page.

WBAY out of Green Bay is one of many outlets who have covered the viral video and heartwarming story. According to their report, the rescue happened around 9 in the evening, no one was injured and the bear in question is about one year old.

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