The temps lately in the Twin Ports area have been welcomed by many, except for maybe the snowmobile people.  Warmer temps generally mean people start getting their motorcycles out for the season.  For me, it's still too early as I'm not the one who wants to ride with the grit and salt remaining on the roads only to get home and have to clean it.  I don't think it's that I'm lazy, I just have had some close calls when hopping on the bike too early.

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Regardless of what I do, I have seen many motorcycles on the road in the past week.  While you may hear it every year, it's always a good reminder to be watching for motorcycles on the road.  Much like the snowmobilers can't wait for winter and snow, motorcyclists can't wait to get the bikes on the road.

Motorcyclists are of course much more vulnerable when in a collision, compared to a car.  While it is their responsibility to ride defensively and keep an eye out, it falls equally on the shoulders of people in cars to keep their eyes open.  In the era of mobile phones, even with the laws, every day you will see people texting or making calls when driving.

When in your car or truck, please keep your eyes open for motorcycles.  For motorcyclists, if you are going to be out riding earlier than normal, it's never a bad idea to refresh yourself on the laws and some safety tips for riding.  For many it's been months since riding, and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has some helpful reminders HERE.

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