With Grandma's Marathon saying there will not be any Big Top Entertainment, the weekend and the area the tent is, will be very different.

I talked with Zach Scheider and he told me they will utilize the area still but the Big Top Tent will not be up, there will not be a performer either. What there will be is food, like there was before. An area for the Advantage Emblem merchandise tent, beverages, and there will still be a recovery area there.

What there won't be in the tent. With the Minnesota State Mandates, gatherings are not allowed, so there will not be music and there won't be any tent at all. There will also be an area for runner bags to recover them. There will also be a first aid area there like there is every year.

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Since Grandma's Marathon is discouraging people from watching and gathering, I think that it won't be a problem to keep that area clear. There will be people there to pick up family and friends after the race, but people won't be gathering for beer in the tent listening to music the whole time.

The Big Top Tent would feature music from about 11 am until the headliner late at night. People would get food and drinks and sit gathered in the Sports Garden Parking lot under the tent and pack in more and more as the day went on.

Grandma's Marathon has already announced no spectators, so they are hoping with less people in the area and no tent or entertainment, the area should stay pretty clear.

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