Porn studios can be called a lot of things — but are they extortionists? One woman says they absolutely are, and after they accused her of illegally downloading their “product,” she got a lawyer of her own and fought fire with fire.

The woman says the porn industry has found a “new business model” by threatening to sue people for stealing porn, even if they haven’t actually done it. And she swears she’s innocent.

She says she was falsely accused in May of being a porn downloader, and she believes some 200,000 other innocent people have been pressured into paying settlements they don’t owe just to avoid the embarrassment of being sued by a porn company.

“[T]hey often shake the individuals down for $1,000 – $5,000,” her lawsuit states. “The pornography purveyors know that this amount of money is less than the cost of defense would be if suit were filed. They also know that individuals such as the plaintiff in this matter are embarrassed to have their names associated with pornography, and therefore, are susceptible to being shaken down.”

“By extorting settlements … the pornography purveyors have developed a model whereby they can unlawfully gain more money than they can by selling access to their pornographic videos,” the suit claims.

This lady is fighting back — hard (so to speak). Among other things, she wants damages for fraud, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

We just hope we’re not next on the list. We’ve got no money. We’ve got a ton of porn though. Maybe they’ll consider a trade.

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