[SPOILER ALERT] Last night we saw a very shocking scene that probably left you stunned for several minutes. But after further review, I don't think what we saw really happened the way it looked. Let me explain, but don't continue reading if you haven't caught up yet to the show.

It sure looked like Glenn was eaten alive by walkers, didn't it? Nicholas shot himself in the head, then fell off the dumpsters into the zombies, knocking Glenn into the herd as well. Then we see Glen getting ripped apart by zombies.

Or did we?

See when they fell off the dumpster, it was choreographed that Nicholas would land on top of Glenn. Watch it again if you don't believe me.

I remember last night while watching it, that the zombies were pulling apart guts rather high in comparison to where Glenn's head was. I truly believe they were ripping Nicholas apart after he had landed on Glenn.

So how could Glenn ever escape even if he wasn't the one being eaten? My only guess at this point was he could roll underneath the dumpster, and hopefully someone would come along and save him.

I think the show is trying to trick us, and it's worth noting during "The Talking Dead" after show, they didn't 100% confirm Glenn's death.

Also if Glenn did die in this situation, how would anyone ever find out? He would be MIA in the show, and that doesn't work very well for the story line.

I guess we will find out next week what the real ending is.