Last night I was flicking through channels relaxing by the air conditioner when I stumble on the documentary series 'The Movies' on CNN. It's produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman and it highlights noteworthy movies from decades on each episode.

It's amazing to hear some of the behind the scenes stories from the actors and directors themselves. It's very nostalgic to see some of the most memorable scenes again with the people in them telling us about it. For example, we learned that Meg Ryan was very nervous about the "I'll have what she's having" scene from "When Harry Met Sally." I learned also how Steven Spielberg considers "Schindler's List" his most memorable and important work.

The documentary doesn't go in depth on each movie, but rather references them when they contribute to film history and notable changes in the progression of film and storytelling. It flows nicely and captivates you from start to finish. It not only highlights the big blockbuster movies, but also notable movies that were critically well received.

Check it out, airing Sunday Nights on CNN.


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