There aren't too many movies that you can utter one single line, and everyone knows what movie you're talking about. This line is definitely one of them. This particular line in the movie was actually ad-libbed by Roy Scheider. This scene from the movie is one that many people remember even 42 years later. Jaws was released on this day, June 20th, 1975.  Starring Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw, directed by Steven Spielberg. When Jaws was released at the beginning of Summer 1975, it came out in nearly 500 theaters. It would go on to become the highest grossing film of all time. That is, until a little space movie came out in 1977. Until then it made $400 million. It also won three Academy Awards, and was nominated for Best Picture.

To this day, it's known as one of the greatest works of film, and one of the most spoofed of all as well. Saturday Night Live would've never had the "Land Shark" delivering telegrams without Jaws.