The 2022 US Olympic Women's Team has released their final picks for the Winter Games, and there are 11 people with ties to Minnesota.

There are a few names you will know and a lot you will not. Maddie Rooney, the darling and hero that helped the 2018 team win Gold, is back. Quite a few of the staff are from the state too. Not many of the Minnesotans are playing in the state but have come from the state.

This year the women hope to be back in the title game but one team that aims to claim their Gold Medal back is Team Canada, which also has a lot of Minnesota ties. Can Maddie be the driving force now that she has some experience?

Maddie Rooney Andre Ringuette/HHOF-IIHF Images
Maddie Rooney Andre Ringuette/HHOF-IIHF Images

As you recall, Maddie Rooney was the goalie for the UMD Bulldogs Women's Team and played outstanding for the Olympic Team to achieve Gold Medal status and beat the Canadian Women's Team.

There are a lot of women on this year's team from the University Of Minnesota Golden Gopher National Championship teams. This time around the women on the team spent a lot of time playing for the Women's National Team that has been successful. The USA is hoping that leads to another Gold Medal this year in Ice Hockey.

According to the USA Olympics page, 15 Women return from the past Olympics. Here are the 2022 team members representing our state.

11 People On The Women's Olympic Hockey Team Have Minnesota Ties

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