I've been a Hellboy fan since before the original two films that starred Ron Pearlman.  Now I didn't read all of the associated comics but enough to be acquainted with the characters and some story lines.

When I heard however long back that they were doing a reboot of sorts without Ron Pearlman I was a little put off by the thought, to me, he was a pretty damn good Hellboy.  Then I heard David Harbour was cast to play in the new film and that piqued my interest.  Harbour is usually good in anything but his performances as of late in Stranger Things have turned me into a much bigger fan.  Regardless, it was Hellboy and I had to see it, plus my future ex-wife Milla Jovovich is in it.

The new movie feels dark and demonic, filling in enough of Hellboy's backstory that newcomers to the franchise shouldn't feel left behind.  The action is good and plentiful, the jokes are there but not too funny like the humor Marvel throws into their films.  That's okay though, the humor level mixed well with the darker tones that Hellboy should have.  The CGI could be used either less or done better, a few times some of the monsters seemed cheesy.

Halfway through, I was on the fence if I dug the movie and Harbour's portrayal of Hellboy.  By the end though, I was sold, and I can't wait for a sequel.  They had better make it R rated like this one too!  My two cents is to see it and make sure you catch it in theaters.


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