Having been in radio for a lot of years, it's offered me plenty of opportunities to be in other types of media.  Until this weekend, other than a short non-speaking gig, I hadn't performed in a movie.

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A while back I responded to a post on the Twin Ports Horror Society Page about people needed to play in a short film called "Doppelgänger 2".  I was informed that this was a sequel of sorts to another short called to "Doppelgänger".   Despite not knowing about the first, I wanted in.

I sent an email which was followed up by a reply and a request for a short audition video which I had to do in a hotel while I was out of town for work.  They were looking for a rural, blue collar, paranormal hunter type individual.  Apparently, they liked my audition and look because I got the job of "Hunter 2".

A filming day for all involved was setup, and I drove to the sprawling town of Moose Lake, MN to film on a Sunday.

My part had minimal lines, but I got to use a rifle and it was neat to see what it's like behind the scenes on a film project.  While this one wasn't a big budget picture, it was scripted well, and a lot went into each shot.

The biggest thing I learned being an "actor" for the day, was there can be a lot of standing around.  Between multiple takes on some scenes to get it all right and shot at different angles, I spent a lot of time hanging with the crew and other actors.

I also didn't realize how much can be shot and is without the acting crew even there.  For what will probably only be a ten-to-fifteen-minute film, the amount of on-site filming is a lot of work for the directors and crew.  That doesn't even factor in the editing and audio needed after the shooting.

All in all, it was a fun time and I'm thankful to have been a part of it.  Hopefully after this is released, it will be less than a year when I'm in the next Seth Rogan romantic comedy.

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