In May of 2020, I went to the Harley dealer in Duluth to buy a new jacket.  Instead of a jacket, I walked out with a 2020 Street Glide Special.

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I know, super sound purchase during a global pandemic with not knowing what work was going to be like.  I'm still not the best at adulting, but I chose to not have kids so I can make questionable choices.  One thing I will say is that I have never once regretted having a Harley payment.

From May until the end of riding season in the Twin Ports last year, I only got on about 2,100 miles.  I was pushing for 5,000 but work actually ended up being crazy busy which hurt that ride time but helped with the payments.  All last season though, the SGS made me smile with every ride.  The 114 Milwaukee 8 engine pulls hard and smooth.  As much as I dig the power, we always want more and I almost had a cam put in over winter but I held off.  I'm glad I did, as getting it out for this season made me re-realize how much stock power that thing has.  I'm sure I'll cam it down the road, but for my second season on it, it's staying as is.

The bike shifts great and handles pretty damn well for a bike weighing around 800 pounds.  I did send the stock seat out for modification which you can read about HERE.  I also may upgrade to aftermarket suspension at some point as in it's stock form, it's basically only okay.  You would think with the price tag it would ride a smidgen nicer.  It also didn't come with LED lighting and that's kind of a must have on any bike nowadays, so I've switch out most of that.  The stereo is also only okay, and will need an upgrade down the road to rock the Squatch a little louder.  Overall though, I have no buyers remorse.  The 2021 models have minor changes, so if you're looking for used or new, these later year Street Glide Specials are a damn nice bikes.

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