I'm not sure how other manufacturers are with their stock motorcycle seats, but I've needed an aftermarket option for every Harley I've bought.

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It's not that the stock seats aren't good, or aren't comfortable, they just haven't been comfortable for me.  The quality in finish is always great, but a motorcycle seat is like a pair of gloves, or the grip of a pistol, one type or size doesn't work for everyone.  So the options end up being a Harley brand one or other aftermarket seats, of which there are a variety of options.

Some of those sit you higher, or lower and more into the bike.  They also have options to sit closer to the bars or farther back to give you more leg room.  While it's great there are choices, seats can range from a few hundred to past that $1,000 mark.  There are places that will modify your stock seat for you.  I choose to go that route as I like the look of the stock one on my Street Glide Special, and it was around $350 total with shipping to have mine modified.

I used Mean City Cycles out of North Carolina.  They provide a form for you to fill out with how you want your seat modified, and for mine they suggested memory foam.  They also offer tailbone relief options and gel too.  After you submit your form, they call you and basically interview you on your seat needs.  With most of the modifications, your seat will look just like it's stock, but of course will have new material inside to provide the comfort you need without spending a fortune on a new seat.  I only have 50 or so miles on my re-worked seat, but it's much better than stock so far.  If you're looking for a new seat, at least give them a call for more options and get more information about what they can do for you HERE.

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