The Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run is Saturday in Superior.  It should provide your kids with plenty of exercise and a fun morning.  There is still room to register your kids for the race of your choice, just make sure you have these 3 things for your kids on fun run day.

1. Comfortable Running Shoes
No matter what your kid wears they will have fun, but they'll really be able to tear up the course if they are wearing running shoes, or just sneakers in general.  Make sure they are double-knotted as there's not a bigger buzzkill when you're having fun than having to stop and tie your shoes.

2. Camera
There will be plenty of fun pictures just waiting to be taken, so make sure you have your camera, or at least make sure your phone has plenty of battery charge so you can capture all the fun.  I have a feeling that a lot of Christmas cards this winter will feature adventures from the Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run.

3. Sunscreen
Spending a fun morning in the great outdoors can leave you and your family with a sunburn if you're not careful.  Make sure everyone has sunscreen on so you don't have to worry.  This is the perfect event to wear sunscreen that will not wash away with sweat, so get the sport variety.

If you haven't registered yet for Krazy Kids Inflatable Fun Run, just click the link below to do it now.  Remember to register no later than Friday night as the price will go up this Saturday, August 20.