When most adults think of Wolf Ridge in northern Minnesota, they remember back to when they were kids and did a trip there.  Or, if they were transplants to the region, their only memory might be dropping their kids off there.

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While it's a great facility for kiddos for learning and developing skills, it's so much more than that.  Apart from activities for younger individuals, I didn't realize just how many various classes they offer for developing skills, knowledge, and allowing adults to explore nature.

September 22nd through the 24th, they have five separate class offerings for adults and while there is a cost, the information and experience packed into a few days sounds like a great deal.

Going on at the same time, adults can choose from a North Shore Geology Program, of course focusing on rocks and rock faces in the region.  There is also one focusing on owls, which isn't just learning about them.  The course will teach people how to capture, handle, age, and process owls as part of the fall raptor banding.

Not into birds or standard geology?  There is a class on Northwoods Fungi that will of course take you on adventures through the woods and provide detailed instruction on what's out there and even what is edible and not.

Of course, they also feature programming centered on agates too.  A few hundred bucks might seem like a lot for a weekend, but remember, these workshops include food and lodging, so it's not a bad price and the experts leading the charge are a wealth of knowledge in each field.

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