As we roll into summer in the Twin Ports, many people are having backyard or recreational fires.

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The backyard "campfire" is quite common in the City of Duluth but can lead to potential issues if not properly monitored and controlled.  It's been a wet year so far, but it doesn't take many days of it being dry to create hazards.

Backyard fires can jump to dry grass, or a close by structure such as a shed, garage, or house. While it is legal to have that recreational fire in the Duluth City limits without a permit, there are some regulations to help prevent issues:

As you can see in the post it's all about setbacks from structures, having a way to extinguish the fire, making sure it is contained, and limiting the height.  Basic rules that are easy to follow and will help keep everyone safe.

They do talk about burning clean wood and no construction materials, so it's a good idea to not burn garbage either.  It's not only bad for the environment, but sometimes neighbors also get a little upset over it.

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