Even if your're not that big into racing, I always tell people to check out quad races.  It's usually a rip roaring good time and with COVID-19 still very much a part of our lives, it's a fun thing that you can watch outdoors.

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The 4th Annual King of the Quads racing event is being hosted by the Midwest Ice Racing association on Saturday, January 30th in Superior, WI.  There is racing all day long starting at 10:00AM and it's only $10 for admission to get in for the whole day.  There is also a decent amount of money up for grabs for the racers so that always helps to make it a better show.

Not only will King of the Quads be going on, it's tied in as part of the Lake Superior Ice Festival, so there is much more to see and do in the area that day.

The huge annual racing event will be on Barker's Island located at 300 Marina Drive.  It's a great way to get the kids out of the house for not that much money and get some fresh air, mixed with a little high octane exhaust of course.  The Midwest Ice Racing Association is a family and friends group who wanted to make sure that Northern Wisconsin had an ice racing series for all to enjoy.  You can get more information about them and this event HERE.

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