Be aware Minnesota residents, there are some new laws going into effect as of August 1st, and if you're not careful you could wind up in some hot water, and not the good kind either! Don't worry, we're here to help keep you out of the slammer. Some of these new laws are really a no-brainer, some of these things just should not be done, it's just the penalty for these offenses have been increased or adjusted. According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, here is the list of the new laws going into effect this August:

  • Imitating a military member or veteran is now a misdemeanor.
  • If you do decided to imitate one of the above, and you try to obtain access to a public building that is closed, or you operate a vehicle that looks like a public safety vehicle, or try to order someone around under the guise of a military personnel, gross misdemeanor.
  • Damage to an actual public safety vehicle, gross misdemeanor with felony penalties.
  • If you board a loaded or moving school bus and then refuse to leave when ordered by the driver, that will now be a misdemeanor.
  • If you enter an area that courts or officials deem as off-limits called "geographic restriction", that is a misdemeanor penalty as of August 1st.

So, you have now been officially warned. Keep your nose clean people!

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