When we had our big April snowstorm, we all had a collective "enough is enough" moment, figuring we'd be done with the snow until at least October.  Mother Nature had other plans.

Sunday, May 19 brought more snowfall across the Northland, including challenging driving conditions locally.  It seems this time, we all had a collective "why do we live here again?" moment.

Personally, I was in Hudson, Wisconsin for my daughter's soccer tournament and while there was no snow there, the weather was terrible.  She got one game in on Saturday, playing in windy, cold 45 degree temps(winning 5-4, nice job!).  However, we received word early Sunday morning that the final day was cancelled.  The there was rain, wind and "feels like" temperatures in the low 30's.  Not ideal soccer weather.

So, after some bonus hotel pool time, we made our way back to the Northland.  Strong winds and rain turned to mixed precipitation in North Branch, then full on snow by Sandstone, Minnesota.  By the time we were in Cloquet, the snow was sticking to the ground.  Ahhh, spring in the Northland.

We got home and the neighbor kids had built a snowman and were enjoying bonus winter time.  I just started drinking beer.

Of course, today the snow has mostly melted and yet that snowman remains.  A symbol that while it's spring in the Northland, winter is always there just waiting to reappear.  Perhaps snow for Grandma's Marathon?  Nobody can rule it out at this point.  This is a spring like no other, but perhaps this will be our new norm.

I think that answers our collective "we do we live here again?" moment.  Because while it's a pain in the butt, weather like this does provided great stories to tell.  We're all in this together, baby, and there's some comfort and a lot of camaraderie in that.

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