Emma wants a letter from your dog. She was recently diagnosed with a very serious brain tumor and she wants "letters from dogs" to lift her spirits. That can't be that hard to help her out, can it?

I originally found this out from a friend who shared this story on Facebook. His name is Dr. Ross Perko and he's a pediatric oncologist here in Duluth, and his heart is big enough that he wants to spread the love to kids everywhere, especially in the Midwest. He shared this story on Facebook and talked about how easy it would be to write her a letter from your dog.

Emma is a 7 year old from Hartland, Wisconsin and she is an animal lover. According to her GoFundMe page she was having a normal weekend playing in the snow with her brothers when she developed a bad headache. She fell ill and was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday when they discovered she has a rare, inoperable brain tumor called DIPG.

OnMilwaukee posted a blog saying that Emma wants a letter from your dog to cheer her up.

You can send photos of your dog, letters from your dog, or even an e-mail to the following place.


Emma Mertens
P.O. Box 230
Hartland, WI 53029

Also consider donating to her GoFundMe page. She's still fighting and they are praying for a miracle. So am I. Good luck, Emma.

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