The AAD Shrine Circus returns to Duluth after missing the last few years due to COVID restrictions.

Things will be a little different this time around, as there will be no exotic animals this year. According to CBS 3 Duluth, AAD Shrine Potentate, Paul Vizanko said "We want to have a different circus moving forward this year".

The circus will now focus on "thrill". Vizanko went on to say:

This year the show is going to be all 100-percent thrill and dazzling acts for the kids and adults. Motorcycles, trapeze, high-wire acts, clowns, other various thrill and fun acts will be on display.

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Fun fact, The AAD Shrine Circus first took place on February 21, 1922 in Duluth. That means it is the longest-running event in Duluth history. The circus will run this year from April 9th-10th, 2022 and posted on their Facebook page on how to get discounted tickets:

It looks like Chewbacca will make an appearance. This whole time I thought wookies were exotic animals, turns out they are not. Here's a throwback to when the circus was here back in 2019:

I wish there was videos of what the circus looked like back in 1922. I would imagine it looked something like this:

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