When it comes to pets, our furry friends often end up becoming part of the family.  A pet, like a dog for example, may be more like a child to a couple, and a sibling to the human kiddos.

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That's all well and good, but what about feeding a pet like a human?  I'm not talking whole meals, but table scraps for example.  Our dog who is about three years old, always waits patiently near the dinner table, never begging, and waiting for a small piece of what we are having for dinner.

Only because he waits to patiently and in such a well-behaved manner, is why I give him something to nibble on from the table.  It has nothing to do with me liking him, no matter what my wife says.

Recently after several days of throwing up, though with unchanged behavior otherwise, we took him into the vet as the vomiting went on for too long.  It turned out he had Lyme Disease, so it's good we caught that, but he also had something in his stomach.

Not just one something, 5 somethings to be exact.  5 somethings that this dog dad had tossed him from the dinner table, at least a month prior to him going to the vet.

The somethings in his stomach were baby potatoes.  My wife usually boils or bakes them for dinner, and I apparently had taken too many one night and decided to toss the rest to the hound.

The vet had to cut open his stomach and remove them and informed us they were not cooked and that dogs can't eat uncooked potatoes.  The interesting thing is that I know they were cooked, as they came off my plate.  He obviously didn't chew them and was swallowing these boiled potatoes whole and just couldn't digest them.

Lesson learned on my part and were thankful for the whole crew at Happy Tails Animal Hospital for taking care of our furry family member.

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