When it comes to pets, especially dogs and cats, they are usually more than that to most people.  Our furry friends end up being a part of the family, even if you're like me and didn't really want a dog.  Of course, he's now best friends with the guy who liked him least.

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Anyway, being they do help complete a home and playing an important role in our lives, it's good to help protect them.

One way to protect your furry family member is to have them microchipped.  Microchipping provides a permanent ID for your pet, helps reunite them with you if lost, and helps provide proof of ownership.  Now, it's not incredibly expensive to get a pet microchipped, but it's still an added cost to pet ownership.  If the money is an issue, if you watch closely, many organizations will offer free microchipping events.

Once such event is coming up on Thursday, November 9th at Duluth Tap Exchange.  This one appeals to me for multiple reasons.  The first is that if you're not a pet breeder you can get up to two pets per family microchipped for free.

The second is that it's at a place where you can grab a drink.  In addition to being able to purchase a beer, 15% of the proceeds will help benefit Animal Allies.  Want the deal to be even sweeter?  Appetizers will be provided by Pickwick Restaurant, so the event is a big win all around.

The event will take place from 5:00-7:00PM and really is a great way to support a good cause and help keep your furry family member as protected as possible in case they get lost.

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