My Brother Sam always gives me crap because if a band related anything comes out, I usually get it.  Iron Maiden or Megadeth have a new beer?  It's in my fridge when you come over.  Motorhead has a whisky?  You'll find it in my cabinet.  Not too long ago Aldi announced they were going to have a limited run of 80s music inspired chesses.  The day these came out I meant to go scoop them all up but I slacked.  I was at the Aldi Duluth location yesterday though, and they did have a couple there.  "Sweet Cheddar of Mine" and "Total Eclipse of Havarti" were the two I scored.

Now, I like cheese, but I'm not a cheese snob by any means, I did however let these warm up a little before I tried them to get the best taste out of them.  The cheddar was dryer than I would have liked but the taste was decent, somewhere just past mild and a tinge of sharp.  It tasted well enough with the Aldi knock off Club Crackers I had on hand.  The Havarti had nice flavor, and while not as creamy as other Havarti I have had, it was the winner of the two.

These and the others won't be around long at Aldi, so if you see them they are worth picking up to try.  I might have to pop over to the Superior Aldi and see if they have the other ones on hand.  The also released "Wake Me Up Before You Goat Goat", "Pour Some Gouda on Me", and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina",  Have you tried any of the 80s inspired cheeses from Aldi?

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