I had my eyes on the Alien Gear ShapeShift Core Carry Pack for a while.  It basically gives you four different carrying options for around $100.  Otherwise on their own, each holster setup is an average of $50.

I already have several holsters for my primary carry firearms but only one for my Glock 43, and while I like it, I wanted more options.  I ordered the pack from Reed's in Walker, MN.  They were cheaper and had faster shipping than the actual Alien Gear website and also on Amazon.  I tried buying it local first, but none of the 4 places I called carried the brand.

Alien Gear Carry Pack- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I got the pack in about 3 days and opened it up.  It's definitely a read the directions kind of deal as the hardware interchanges depending on the carry style you want.  I wanted to try the standard IWB or "In the waistband" carry, and got that setup.  In this configuration it's comfortable, yet still bulkier than the IWB I was already using for my Glock 43.  I gave it a couple of days and then actually defaulted back to my previous one.  Hunting season is coming up though, so I think I'll give it another few days during that to see if I dig it more.  I haven't used any of the other configurations yet either, but I did set them up and once you get the idea of how it all works, it's pretty easy and quick to change setups.

Alien Gear Core Carry Pack- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I've spent $100 on a lot less before but the reality after I had it all in front of me was I will probably only use two of the setups, but I guess the options are there.  The materials seem solid and well built though, so if you think you'll use all the combinations at some point, it's a good deal in my opinion.  I'm also fat, so maybe more combinations work better for skinny people.