The last couple of years especially have been more than sad for the rock world with the passing of the likes of Scott Weiland, David Bowie, and Prince.  Yes there have been more, but you get the point.

Last night another has joined the afterlife supergroup ranks, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave is no longer with us.  I won't be spending time on the cause of death.  It's always bugged me when people focus on that, it seems sometimes more than the fact that a father, spouse, friend, etc is no longer with their loved ones.  Those that were closest are obviously hit the hardest and my thoughts go out to them.

I never met Chris, I only saw him live once, but I did grow up listening to his voice grace the airwaves of the radio.  With those vocals and his raw sound, you couldn't not buy the albums, you couldn't get enough.

I can't say the date I saw him live and I'm not home to dig through my concert stubs to see, but it was at First Avenue in Minnesota with good friends, several years ago. He was doing a solo show which meant I got to hear pretty much everything you would want.  The reality is, he could have been up there singing children's songs and everyone would have been just as locked on that stage.  He had this aura about him, you couldn't not focus on whatever he was belting out.  His voice just pulled your attention and describing his sound as unique, doesn't begin to sum it up.  I have seen a lot of shows and that one tops the list of good show memories.

I can't begin to imagine how many people he inspired to pursue music over the years and how many lives he touched.  Again, thoughts and prayers to those that were closest to him.  That afterlife supergroup just got another legend.  Rest and also rock well, Chris Cornell.

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