Slash has kept himself busy in the years GNR wasn't together.  From Slash's Snakepit to Velvet Revolver and then his work with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.  Now that GNR is reunited at least for some shows on the "Not in this Lifetime" Tour lots of wonder on his next direction has been floating around.

Having seen Slash with Myles Kennedy, I can say that if they would just get together and play every Friday night in my town, for the rest of my life, I'd be okay with that.  It's pure magic when those two are on stage and to look up there and see them both truly enjoying what they are doing, makes the show that much better.

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge, the band the Myles fronts, in a recent interview with Rock Antenne may have been hinting at Slash working on a yet another solo project, again with Myles Kennedy.  Even being the huge GNR fan that I am, I'm glad to have some hope of another Slash and Myles album which is always just pure rock and roll.

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