When I clean out the grill I most times throw on at least a pair of nitrile gloves, recently I chose not to and ended up with a very deep metal splinter.

Usually when I get a splinter I go the "man up" route and dig it out with my knife.  After a half hour of digging and cutting at it, and yes trying tweezers first, I gave up.  I could tell it was still in there but I wasn't successful in extraction.  I pulled up the Google and looked for options to draw it out and baking soda paste under a band-aid was a top one to try.  I did for a day and no luck.  Being the smart guy I am I just left it, also being busy played a part.

-Joe Danger
-Joe Danger

Fast forward a few days to a Friday night and it was looking pretty grim, feeling horrible and with a squeeze there was some puss.  I did some more digging and it was still there.  I didn't really have them time to go in but knew I had to.

I pulled up urgent care hours so I could get there early, being that on a Saturday there I have had 3 hour waits.  They had an option to schedule an appointment, so I did.  11AM is when I booked it and 3 minutes to 11 they called my name.  I'm not sure if this is the norm but I was impressed.  So keep that in mind the next time you know you have to go in for a not so urgent, urgent care trip. Oh, and the splinter is out after 15 minutes of more digging, so I'll probably live.

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