The hype for Aquaman sure was huge leading up to it.  While I wanted to see it, my expectations going in were not very high being that most of the other DC Comic based films have not been very good.  Batman v Superman was only okay, Justice League was horrible, though I did enjoy Wonder Woman, and no, not just because of Gal Gadot.  Man of Steel was decent too, which says a lot as I think doing a good Superman movie would not be an easy thing.  Every DC attempt otherwise, come on, you have the Marvel films which have for the most part been good, if not epic, take notes DC.  It's unfortunate too because I am a huge fan of the DC Comic Universe.

Let's get to Aquaman though.  The short version is, I was bored, all I wanted was for it to be over.  If I hadn't been with a group of people I might have walked out.  Time is money and I want my ticket price and whatever my time is worth back.  I guess one could say the film is visually stunning, but the acting was not very good, is Jason Mamoa even a decent actor?  Or is he just eye candy for the ladies?  Aquaman had too much they tried to cram into the almost two and a half hours and it just felt cluttered.  I hate to say it about a superhero film, but save your money if you haven't seen it yet.

I saw somewhere online the statement that Aquaman is "Thor Underwater".  Yep, sums it up, expect they made good films about Thor.

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