It is something that is top of mind for Minnesotans right about now: is the Minnesota State Fair still happening?

The Minnesota State Fair is a huge event that happens at the end of every summer and sadly, because of COVID-19, was cancelled last year. The massive fair has only been cancelled a handful of times in history so it was a huge bummer.

The good news is that now there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic - and we know how to hold events that keep us all socially distant and safe. With these things in mind, the Minnesota State Fair says that as of now, all concerts are going on as planned.

I have tickets to one of the shows and I messaged the event page to see if I should try to get a refund or hold my tickets until showtime later this year. I was told that as of now, the show I had tickets for was still on. They stated that any show updates, should there be any in the future, will be posted on their website.

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There you have it! As of the time of writing this post, the concerts at the Grandstand are still on. I took this as great news because everyone is waiting to see what will happen. You can see a list of shows that are slated for this year's fair on their website here.

In January of this year, the Minnesota State Fair announced they were already planning for this year's event. Things were much more uncertain at that time than now, as we slowly start to inch back towards normal. Taking this into account and the fact that concerts are on as of now is a great sign!

Of course, we will keep you updated should there be any changes. The Minnesota State Fair is planning to kick off on August 26th and run through Labor Day.

The Minnesota State Fair definitely got creative last year because there wasn't a fair, holding a drive-thru food parade for a handful of dates so we could still get our fill of fair food. We wouldn't mind if they brought that back this year!

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