We all sometimes take drastic measures when we are hungry but this is really taking things to the next level. A Stillwater boy took his parent's minivan and went on a little joyride to get some cereal.

According to the Pioneer Press, this all went down in a part of Stillwater on Sunday evening. Their report states that the 10-year-old got behind the wheel of his parent's minivan after dark because he wanted to get Cheerios for breakfast.

MPR News reports what happens from there, stating that police spotted him around 9:30 that evening and when they turned on their emergency lights to signal him to pull over, he booked it, taking off at 50 mph. Officers slowly followed the child so nobody would get hurt, eventually blocking his path so he would stop.

So how did this happen without the parents noticing? FOX 21 reports that the boy's parents were sleeping and were completely oblivious to what was going on. The boy wanted to go to Target or a nearby grocery store to get the cereal so he could have it the next morning.

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Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the process, including anyone on the road and the little boy himself. There is no word on if he was able to have Cheerios the next morning or if he is currently grounded. Ha!

By the way, Stillwater is just about two hours from the Twin Ports area.

It seems like there is no shortage of strange stories about what happens on Minnesota roads. One story that really sticks out to me, unfortunately, was reported on last April. A Minnesotan was pulled over and when the trooper went to the window, they spotted a snake that was three feet long. No thank you!

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