Last night we did the responsible thing knowing we would be drinking and took an Uber to Canal Park in Duluth from our place about 8 miles away in Proctor.  There were two major events going on in the area, the Old Dominion concert and Bentleyville.

At about 4PM we got in our Uber and headed down to the concert venue area, that ride over was about $18.  That's a decently fair and expected price.  At 11:40PM leaving the venue however, Uber's prices were over $90 to take us 8 miles.  Lyft came up as $62.  Some ladies waiting in the lobby had to go 3 miles to their hotel and their Uber was coming up as over $90 as well.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger

While I understand the peak hours they advertise as having higher prices, there wasn't a shortage of rides, Lyft and Uber vehicles were aplenty and all within a couple of minutes of the venue.  We called a couple of cab companies before biting the bullet and couldn't get through.  Finally, I decided to just go with the over $62 Lyft option.

I have been in Vegas on Halloween night with the SEMA Car Show in town and had 20 minute Lyft and Uber rides not come close to costing that much.  Also in the Twin Cities, during a Vikings game or huge concert with over 25 minute rides to our hotel, prices came in much lower than last night's Duluth rates.

I understand they need to make money, and it's still cheaper than a DUI, but if I had known the 8 mile ride at almost midnight would cost me enough to fill my truck's tank, I would have stayed sober and drove myself.  I did reach out to Lyft in complaint but haven't heard back as of yet.

We ran into this a couple of years back at the Grandma's Marathon tents, a regular cab was cheaper than the cab alternative options by a huge amount.  Still, last night was beyond ridiculous.  I don't know that I'll be using them much more in the Twin Ports area.  Have you experienced similar price gouging from Uber or Lyft?


Shortly after writing this Lyft responded to my complaint on the pricing, you'll see from the screenshots below that while they commented on their "Prime Time" charging, they also decided to issue a refund which makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation.


Photo Credit: Joe Danger


Photo Credit: Joe Danger