Ok, so picture this, you're about to hit the road for a fun road trip, got your snacks, the gas tank is full, you're set. You think all is well, you're making good time, when out of nowhere the highway jerk is on your tail. You're in the left lane trying to pass a few cars so you can get over, but, there he/she is, right on your tail.  Doing 90 MPH.

Not all highway jerks are bad, but there is the elusive highway Superjerk. This person is not only tailgating you, but honking their horn, flashing their brights and giving you their rendition of the rare flightless bird on one hand. In this next edition of Shari & Chris Take on the World, we discuss a few options on how to deal with this Superjerk. We've all seen this person, and admit it, don't you wish that you could make a police car materialize out of nowhere?

If you have any suggestions on this issue, legal ones that is, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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