So you get in the car, you're already late for work, and some jerk is going 5 miles below the speed limit in front of you with his blinker on. What inevitably comes out of your mouth? "Could you please speed up sir, I'm quite late." Yeah, I doubt it. "GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU F$@!ING IDIOT!" We've all been there, we've all said it. Maybe not in so many colorful words. Which brings me to the point of this blog, to what degree of road rage are we all prone to? I just took the test myself, it only took about 2 minutes. I scored relatively low on the spectrum. However, if I had a megaphone attached to the outside of my vehicle, my score would probably be higher.

All joking aside, road rage has become a serious issue in this country. Many people have been seriously injured and killed because of this. All I had to do was search for "road rage incident" and numerous articles popped up. One just three days ago, a video surfaced of two men in New Jersey that were involved in a road rage incident. One man grabbed a hold of the other mans dog from his vehicle and tossed it onto the sidewalk.

One thing that people need to remember is that driving is a privilege not a right. We are all on the road together, just trying to get somewhere. No one's destination is more important than anyone else's.

Test your road rage here:

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