I'm a big fan of Spike's 'Bar Rescue.'  It's a show I watch every week, and this last Sunday's episode was especially interesting.  It featured a failing bar owned by Tim "Ripper" Owens who was the front man for Judas Priest.

Have you seen the movie 'Rock Star' starring Mark Wahlberg?  The movie is basically about a guy who is part of a tribute band that actually gets recruited to take over for a lead singer of the real band who quit.

That story was loosely based on Tim Ripper Owens, who had a Judas Priest Tribute band.  They needed to replace the lead singer, so they hired him to lead the band on tour.

Anyway, years later he co-owns a bar in Akron Ohio, and it was losing money and was facing an early demise before Taffer stepped in.  Here's a clip from the episode.

And if you can watch the full episode at Spike TV's website.