Barack Obama is a basketball guy. He played the sport in high school, where his teammates called him “Barry O’Bomber” because of his tendency to take a lot of shots. But from the looks of this video from a recent White House ‘Shoot for Strength’ event, Obama hasn’t been practicing his shooting lately.

Those were some serious bricks Obama was laying. While it’s good to see that the Commander-in-Chief is clearly concentrating on things other than basketball,  a couple of those misses came off the rim so hard that somebody could’ve been injured.

Obama does finally nail his fifth three-point attempt. And because he’s the most powerful man in the world, the crowd goes wild for his one-for-five result.

This continues a rough patch for Obama and basketball. After a good start, the President’s NCAA picks fizzled out, and he got absolutely none of the Final Four correct. Maybe it’s time for him to act his age and concentrate on golf.