For fans of the Beijing Chinese Restaurant it has been quite the roller coaster ride the last few years. First they had to move from their original location in 2013 to make room for a CVS pharmacy. Then it was continued delays with the building in 2016 on London Road. But once they were up and running it was constantly busy, that is until the fire that broke out last October (2018) that gutted the dining area and the basement.

According to FOX21 "Beijing’s longtime owner Cindy Lee said Sunday that repairs are complete and she’s waiting on final permits to be signed off by the city to start operating again."  Another positive sign is that the construction crew and temporary fencing are gone.

Lee's goal is to be open by the end of this year, and I can tell you as one of their loyal customers this cannot come soon enough. I am just so happy to hear that in spite of everything she has gone through with that restaurant, that she is willing to reopen again!


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