Bentleyville is one of the biggest and most popular places to visit whether you live in Duluth or are up to visit and take advantage of all the things to do for the holidays.

Traffic on the weekend can be challenging because of the people from out of town coming in on the I-35 and exiting to see the attraction. That causes some traffic problems most of the time, but people know how to get around it. This weekend will be different.

The UMD Bulldogs Men's Hockey team will be welcoming Denver to Amsoil Arena, Denver and UMD are two of the biggest hockey powers in the nation, so when they get together it's a big game. Needless to say the Amsoil will be a sellout on Friday and Saturday.

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The Arrowhead Ice Fishing and Winter Show is also at the convention center. It offers live shows, experts answering questions, the latest in ice fishing gear, and other winter activities, which is what we are known for in the Northland, so that will be full all weekend.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

As if that wasn't enough, the Nutcracker with the DSSO is playing at the Symphony Hall. Always a crowd favorite and it also packs the seats. It is one of the biggest draws for the DECC and is a staple for the DSSO.

Then, there's Bentleyville, which packs all the parking spots around the area already. People from out of town, people from surrounding towns, and people from Duluth and Superior all come to see the lights and visit Santa.

In a post on Facebook, Bentleyville said to come late if you want to visit Santa, not only will it be busy with people going early to see Bentleyville Lights, but they will be going to their various events.

They are urging people to park away from the DECC and walk, take the bus, or use the skywalk.  They are saying come late to see the lights and come late if you want to see Santa, like 8:45 pm. Bentleyville is open till 10 pm. If you park away from the DECC and use the skywalk system, you will be fine and it's warm in the skywalk.

Bentleyville is urging people not to come early tonight that it will be chaos for parking and getting around. I know friends of mine have tried to navigate their way to Bentleyville one time and it took an hour to get through the traffic. It will be worse this weekend.

Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM
Photo: Nick Cooper/TSM

IF you do go to Bentleyville they are also urging people to still remember to bring non-perishable food items and new unwrapped toys for the Salvation Army.

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