It is no doubt a scary time right now as we deal with the fear surrounding coronavirus. Sadly, scammers are not taking any time off and instead, are taking advantage of the situation.

The Better Business Bureau issued an alert Monday (March 9th) regarding a new scam. Apparently, scammers are targeting people using a text message and the fear surrounding the coronavirus to get their personal information.

According to the BBB, people have been receiving a text message that reads like this:

Warning Level 3 (Red): Corona virus outbreak in the US confirmed. Each person has 1 protection dosage reserved.

At the end of the text message, there is a link. From there, the person who received the message is led to a website where they are asked for their personal information or bank account information.

This comes just a few days after the United States Secret Service issued a similar alert, telling residents to be aware of three different coronavirus-related scams they expect to circulate around the country soon.

As always, do not give away your personal information to anyone under any circumstance. Step back, assess the situation and do your research. As the fear surrounding coronavirus gets worse, it is likely more scams will pop up.

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