Bon Jovi have "no desire" to perform during a Super Bowl halftime show, frontman Jon Bon Jovi recently explained.

That might be a surprising statement coming from such a sought-after rock artist who has had ties with football over the years. But, as the New Jersey-born musician shared with Howard Stern last week (April 15), an arrangement between Bon Jovi and the annual NFL championship doesn't appear to be in the cards. And that's just fine with him.

The rocker appeared on The Howard Stern Show remotely while at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. During the interview — a portion of which is available to watch below — he gave the radio host a few reasons why his group won't ever appear as the big game's entertainment.

"I turned it down many years ago," the singer said of the halftime show. "I didn't like that you had to team up with other people, and you had these people coming on your stage, all the demands. And then the pressure's on it. It didn't appeal to me to play at the New Jersey one; it seemed too obvious."

Bon Jovi continued, "The last time that — honest to God — we were at all interested was back when they had it in Dallas. And we didn't get it. And I said, 'That's the end of it. I don't want it. I won't even talk about it again.'"

That doesn't mean the rock star is completely turned off by the show itself, however.

While Bon Jovi may be against onstage collaborations crowding his namesake act, he recognizes that there have been a handful of impressive Super Bowl halftime performances in the past.

"I never liked it," the musician added before admitting that "some of the performances have been unbelievable — whether it was Prince or U2, there's been some amazing ones over the years. But [it's] not for me."

Elsewhere in the chat, Bon Jovi discussed how he's been helping out by washing dishes at his community restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen. Amid a global health crisis, he also wondered if Bon Jovi — which includes his bandmates David Bryan, Tico Torres, Hugh McDonald and Phil X — would ever tour again.

During the band's downtime, the singer himself is keeping busy inspiring listeners from home. Last month, Bon Jovi sought fans' help with writing a song called "Do What You Can." The same week as the Stern interview, the musician dropped in on a lucky class of kindergartners.

Jon Bon Jovi Appears on The Howard Stern Show - April 15, 2020

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