We see them everywhere in this area, on the side of the road, running in and out of traffic, in our yards. Of course, I am talking about deer. For some people, they are a nuisance in eating their flowers or shrubs but I think they are some of the most beautiful animals on earth. Yes maybe I have watched Bambi one too many times but those big brown eyes and long eyelashes, ugh.

Just yesterday I was pulling up to my house and I saw two baby deer spots, all munching away on my neighbor's bushes of some kind. I distinctly remember saying out loud with my window down of course "where's your mom, little babies? That is when one of them stopped eating and turned to me and nodded like we got this, we deer are tough she is off doing her own thing.

I must admit I do have an irrational fear of full-grown bucks because I watch too many stupid videos online of people getting attacked by deer standing on their back legs and batting the person with their front legs. It's crazy I know.

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But this is a beautiful story and I would not be the least bit afraid of this deer. One of my former co-workers Peter and his family had a close encounter with a deer they had seen by their house a few times. His son was able to capture this sweet encounter of the deer coming up to their puppy and giving her a little kiss. His son Jaxson is the star photographer who caught it all on tape!  They live in the Lakeside area of Duluth.

Their puppy, "Bean", is a Shepard/Husky mix that they adopted back in April from the Douglas County Humane Society. To be that young of a dog and stay so calm shows she has a really good disposition. This looks like something out of a movie, and maybe we humans should take note and learn a lesson from it. No matter what are differences might be we can all be kind to each other.

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