AC/DC singer Brian Johnson said he hopes the band will reconvene to make more music.

Their last outing was Power Up, released in November 2020 but completed two years earlier. It came after the veteran group’s leader, Malcolm Young, died in 2017.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Johnson described the band as “still a working entity of sorts,” although he didn’t say whether it had any projects at the planning stage. “I would love to do music again, whether it’ll be guesting with somebody, whether it be actually playing live with the boys,” he noted. “I’ve heard that term 'hell freezes over' a million times before, with people saying, ‘I’m not doing that again.’ But I’d be up for it. I think everybody hopes to make more music.”

Johnson's memoir, The Lives of Brian, is published on Tuesday, but while he’s recorded an audiobook version, he ruled out the idea of a film. “I hate movies about bands,” he explained, saying his management had rejected offers for the book rights. “One of [the bidders] even sent a full script. I read about 30 pages in and it was awful. That was just one, and I knew the others were going to be the same, so … nah.”

At the end of his book, Johnson expresses interest in writing one that focuses on his time with AC/DC. But in the Billboard interview, he clarified, “I should have said that’s another book, but it’s not mine. I wouldn’t write [a] book about the band - absolutely not. If there’s something else to write about, I would, but there isn’t. It’s somebody else’s story. If I can think of something like the great fuck-ups onstage, maybe. That would be a fuckin’ book!”

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