AC/DC is one of my favorite bands and while I incredibly appreciate the Bon Scott era tunes from the band, I favor the Brian Johnson stuff just a smidgen more.

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As a self-proclaimed AC/DC super fan, I feel like I know a decent amount about the band's history and backstories.  I own several AC/DC books and have seen numerous documentary videos over the years.  I also am decently good at retaining information especially when it comes to more obscure facts.

I'm a bit disappointed in myself that I didn't know Brian Johnson performed the vocals for a Hoover Vacuum commercial in 1980.  When I found out today, I even called my brother Max, who I hate to admit is probably even more of an AC/DC fan than me.  He didn't know that vacuum commercial was a thing either.

The story I heard was that Brian Johnson recorded vocals for this commercial on the same day that he auditioned for AC/DC.  Internet comments on the matter seem to agree it was either a first or second audition for the band and obviously, he got the job.

If you haven't heard Brian singing in this commercial before, I hope you get as much of a kick out of it as I did.  It's right in line with his singing style from when he was in the band Geordie.  It's just a fun piece of rock and roll history and if you have any moderately obscure gems like this, please send them my way so I can share those too.

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