The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department announced that winter maintenance work began Monday at two locations, which may limit public access.

According to The City, winter maintenance work is underway March 1 at bridges located in Lester Park and Tischer Creek. The work was scheduled after City of Duluth staffers noticed that repairs were needed at each location while doing previous inspections. The planned restoration work is intended to keep them safe for public use.

The impacted bridges are located at:

  • Lester Creek Stone Arch bridge located at the park entrance off Lester River Road
  • Tischer Creek walking bridge located above Superior Street

If you frequent these locations, you should be aware that access to the trail and park spaces may be limited while work is being done. Ultimately, the bridge closure and work is expected to take several weeks.

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While there is never a perfect time to limit access to popular locations, the City of Duluth chose this time of year of for these projects as it generally is when there are fewer people using the locations impacted.

If you're looking for alternative outdoor fun in Duluth before the snow melts away, remember that Leif Erickson Park, Lincoln Park and Portland Square have Sled Sheds, which provide complimentary sleds to use during your visit.  Just grab a sled, have fun sliding with your family, then put the sleds back for others to use.

You better act quick to do any sledding, however, as the National Weather Service says that March will provide a big warmup for the Northland.  Perhaps we'll actually get to enjoy a little spring this year in the Northland.

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