This collaborative trail clearing trip with Frost River and other groups is intended for Duluth area residents but anyone interested can participate.

The purpose of the trip is to clear deadfall out of the way to aid maintenance crews in later trips.  The clearing will take place over several miles of path on the trial head toward Pose Lake.

The day trip will leave in the early morning of Saturday, May 4th.  Frost River will be providing the transportation for the volunteers.  Breaks will be taken as needed during the day and there will be a lunch break and they do want to remind everyone that safety is their number one goal.  With that being said you need to make sure you bring good boots, leather work gloves, extra dry socks, your own lunch, two quarts of water and more.  It does cost $10 the day of the event and more information on what to bring, where to meet and other necessary details on the trip can be found here.

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