Coaches moving from the college ranks to the NFL tend not to work out. For every Jimmy Johnson success story, there are the disappointments of Barry Switzer (Johnson's successor in Dallas), Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz and Nick Saban—all extremely successful NCAA coaches who, for whatever reason, couldn't find the same level of achievement in the pros.

This weekend's end-of-game incident between veteran Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and rookie, fresh-from-Rutgers Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano got us thinking ...

Schiano had his defense ignore the unwritten rule to lay off the opposing QB when the game is all but decided and the offensive team is merely taking a knee to run out the clock. No one got hurt, but Coughlin took offense, and let Schiano know it during the post-game handshake.

While the play wasn't technically illegal, the consensus seems to be that it was cheap and too much of an injury risk to either the quarterback or the center. Also, it might be the sort of thing that comes back to bite the Buccaneers down the road when the shoe is on the other foot.

With the spotty history of coaches making the college-to-the-pros transition, maybe this is an example of what they find so troubling about the upper level. What do you think: is this a sign that Schiano has the nerve to succeed in the NFL, or will he follow the fate of so many of his peers?

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