Dear LeBron James. I am going to be your psychologist right now. Your career is at a crossroad. You were drafted 3,267 days ago. It was 754 days ago today when you last played for the Cleveland Cavilers, and 56 days later you told everyone you were taking your talents to South Beach. Then came the infamous "not one, not two....not seven championships, but 8 championships" two days after you told Cleveland you were breaking up with them on National TV. 

You James are 3,267 days into your NBA career, and still that NBA ring eludes you. It took Michael Jordan


2,549 days to go from draft night to hoisting up the Larry O'Brien trophy. Also it only took Kobe Bryant 1,454 days to win go from draftee to NBA champion. Yet James look at Charles Barkley, he went from being drafted to 5,783 days later retiring without a ring.

The last 754 days have been tough for you James. That is why I am going to step in and help you out. You are 27-years-old, but this is your ninth season, and who knows when your time will run out. Two years ago you took your talents to Miami to win, and by now you should be close to getting number two on your quest for eight championships yet you are stuck on ZERO. We all witnessed your disappearing act in the NBA Finals last year against Dallas, and right now everyone is waiting for that disappearing act to return for an encore this playoff season.

For the better part of two years I have been on the forefront against you. I have said you quit on Cleveland, and Nationally embarrassed them, yet I still have your jersey hanging on my wall which I proudly bought a few months after you were drafted nine years ago. I turned on you two years ago, but I still I keep one eye on you just hoping that you rise to the occasion and hit a game winning shot that brings a championship back to Miami. Yet you keep giving the media ammunition to belittle you, like how you tried a fade-away shot against  six-foot-one Rajon Rondo in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals, or how you nailed a 3-pointer to tie the game, yet when it came for  you to hit the game winner in game four you passed the ball.


I hope that tonight for game five you tie your sneakers tight, crank up whatever pump up music you listen to before the game, and come out, and shut up every media outlet across the country(including me). Even if you win tonight, you James still need to win five more games to actually get one championship, because remember James you put that roman numeral 16 on your mouth guard at the start of the playoffs to show everyone you need 16 wins to win the championship(like we did not know that already).

James you are at a crossroads tonight, either go right, and win a championship like Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant, or go left and join the Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley club of All-Stars who never won a ring. I hope you go right, because if you stay healthy James, you have the greatest chance to own every record in the NBA, but none of that will matter unless you can win when it actually matters, and tonight is matters.

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