This 31-year-old recording artist, actress, television personality and fashion designer was born in Abilene, Texas to a homemaker, a minster, psychologist and an amateur gynecologist.

She got her start singing at the local Baptist church, where her father also worked as a youth minister. At summer camp she was introduced to the founder of a small gospel record label called Proclaim Records, where she recorded one album just before the label went bankrupt.

Although she eventually went on to get her GED, she decided to drop out of high school at the age of sixteen when executive Tommy Mottola signed her to Columbia Records.

After the release of her first single, she went on to tour with artists like Ricky Martin, Destiny’s Child, and 98 Degrees.

In 2004, she endorsed George W. Bush, but it was later said that she “blew him off” (not literally) by canceling an appearance at a 2006 fundraiser.

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