This weekend we did a date night and went to see the band Chicago at Black Bear Casino Resort.  While I was half working the event, we still got to see the show and this was my third time catching them live.

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I won't tell you my age, but I will say I'm not old enough to have seen the whole original lineup.  Only having a few original members remaining doesn't stop them from putting on an incredible show.

I dig most forms of music and incorporating Brass and Woodwind instruments into a rock show is pretty amazing.  There are so many layers of sound mixed in with the guitars and vocals, it's hard to beat.

In total at times, ten people were on stage in a hazy fog with lights all over the place.  Just like the last two times, the band was incredibly solid.

Vocals were on-point, and the band as a whole operated like a single entity.  To see artists on stage doing what they do, for as long as they have and still smiling while doing it was great.

If you haven't seen Chicago live, do yourself a favor and get it done.  They are going to be on the road with Earth, Wind & Fire this year as well and will all be on stage at one time playing each other's songs together.  That will be one you don't want to miss.

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